Never Alone, Never Again

Newest podcast interview available NOW! I recently had the chance to sit down with Brett from Recovery Survey, & discuss my recovery – both the good AND the bad – & talk a little about my book, “Against Such Things: A Memoir of Trauma, Addiction, & Survival.” “Against Such Things” is the riveting true accountContinue reading “Never Alone, Never Again”

Reflections & Reparations

Today, somehow, it’s been 5-years since my father passed from this life into the next. Five years since the most complicated, tumultuous, loving relationship of my life ended. Five years. Losing a parent is HARD. Losing a parent who was both your lifelong cheerleader AND long-standing nemesis? Well, that’s a whole other ball of wax.Continue reading “Reflections & Reparations”

The Real Gift

My daughter’s birthday was last month. She turned 27, which is WILD for so many reasons. I promised her a special present, but didn’t get it to her until yesterday. It wasn’t because I forgot about her, or was too self-absorbed to finish it on time. (And, make no mistake, it DID used to beContinue reading “The Real Gift”


The year is 2000, & my solution for getting out of the dope game is to rob a convenience store. At gunpoint. So I can buy more dope, & leave town in the stolen car I’m rolling around in. I’m maybe 100lbs soaking wet, have missed my kids’ birthdays, cleaned out both my parent’s bankContinue reading “Yesterday/Today”

Kindle Countdown Deal

My book, Against Such Things: A Memoir of Trauma, Addiction, & Survival is on sale for only $2.99 this week. l was going to wait until some “Substance Abuse Awareness Month” or “Trauma Survivors Week” came around, but decided that wasn’t necessary. There are people suffering NOW, & I sure wouldn’t have made it outContinue reading “Kindle Countdown Deal”

New Podcast Dropped Today!

I had a chance to sit down Missing Mei from The Creative Sober and talk about my book, confronting #toxictheology, the creative process in sobriety, and what recovery looks like for me today.

New Book Review

Joe Conniff, Author of Causes & Conditions: A Life Experience in Addiction & Recovery, recently shared a review on my memoir. I’m so honored to receive such fab feedback from another #author in #recovery! Want to read the first few chapters of Against Such Things free? Here you go! #againstsuchthings #wedorecover #recoveryispossible #addictionrecovery #addictionmemoirContinue reading “New Book Review”

Book Blog Tour Starts Today!

It’s Book Blog Tour week!! This week, my memoir “Against Such Things” is making the (virtual) rounds in the literary world! The tour includes book features, book reviews, & I’ll be visiting daily to answer questions on each post. First stop? A Book Spotlight with The Sexy Nerd ‘Revue’! January 26: Sadie’s Spotlight – BOOKContinue reading “Book Blog Tour Starts Today!”

First Podcast Goes Live!

The other day, I got the incredible opportunity to sit down with Sara of “Stay Alive Inc.” What an honor to be a guest on her podcast “I’m Alive Because”! We discussed my memoir, what recovery looks like for me today, and living authentically ❤️🙏 Listen to Podcast 🎧 Connect with Sara: @abrandforthebroken @saraswellnessway

Livestream Video of Author Reading

First author reading ✅ Had a great time virtually hanging out with Orca Books today! Read a few chapters of my memoir, answered some questions, and shared a message of hope. Check out the video above, if you missed it! #peaceloveandagainstsuchthings #againstsuchthings #wedorecover #recoveryispossible #memoirsofarach