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The year is 2000, & my solution for getting out of the dope game is to rob a convenience store. At gunpoint. So I can buy more dope, & leave town in the stolen car I’m rolling around in. I’m maybe 100lbs soaking wet, have missed my kids’ birthdays, cleaned out both my parent’s bankContinue reading “Yesterday/Today”

Kindle Countdown Deal

My book, Against Such Things: A Memoir of Trauma, Addiction, & Survival is on sale for only $2.99 this week. l was going to wait until some “Substance Abuse Awareness Month” or “Trauma Survivors Week” came around, but decided that wasn’t necessary. There are people suffering NOW, & I sure wouldn’t have made it outContinue reading “Kindle Countdown Deal”

New Podcast Dropped Today!

I had a chance to sit down Missing Mei from The Creative Sober and talk about my book, confronting #toxictheology, the creative process in sobriety, and what recovery looks like for me today.

New Book Review

Joe Conniff, Author of Causes & Conditions: A Life Experience in Addiction & Recovery, recently shared a review on my memoir. I’m so honored to receive such fab feedback from another #author in #recovery! Want to read the first few chapters of Against Such Things free? Here you go! #againstsuchthings #wedorecover #recoveryispossible #addictionrecovery #addictionmemoirContinue reading “New Book Review”


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Author, Rachel K. Baldwin
About Me

I’m both a chronic wanderer and a homebody at heart.

My passions include criminal justice reform, helping the still-suffering addict, and collecting children.

I’m a first-time author, long-time writer. After years of traversing compounded trauma, addiction, and its resulting consequences, I am proudly free of all mood-changing and mind-altering substances.

Against Such Things is my first book, and its completion is a lifelong dream fulfilled.

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