Book Release at Last!!

Against Such Things

After days and weeks and seeming centuries, the day has FINALLY come!!

My memoir – my life story – the culmination of blood, sweat, and oceans of tears is HERE. In the flesh. (Well, in a tree’s version of flesh, anyway, ha) It’s here, and although I am currently feeling allll the emotions – I am at my center – most deeply honored to share with you my story.

My story of pain and tragedy and insanity. My story of SURVIVAL.

To share with you my pivotal, resounding truth: Healing IS possible. It really, really is. NO MATTER WHAT you’ve been through. NO MATTER WHAT you’ve done.

And now, it is time to let my baby go. Time to step out in faith and share the hope I’ve found with the world, with YOU.

Get your copy HERE!

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