Remember, Remember

It’s been a long day, week, month of editing and I find myself sinking into anxiety and future tripping. Worrying, worrying, worrying what people will think: what YOU will think about all the bad, hard, shameful things I’ve said, I’ve done, I’ve been.

And then I remember: I survived. Not only that, but I OVERCAME. All that pain, anguish, and horror: It’s behind me now, and as a dear, sweet sister of my soul gently reminded me: I am safe today. The chaos is over.

So, here is me, letting go again. And, I’ll keep doing so – maybe (hopefully) with your reminders and love egging me on – every time I forget and pick up the fear again.

We DO recover ❤️ even when we forget it is possible.

#memoirsofarach #againstsuchthings #smashthestigma #wedorecover #recoveryispossible #nomatterwhat

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