“Against Such Things: A Memoir” Now Available on Audible!

HOLY ES-ACH-EYE-TEA, MY BOOK IS AVAILABLE ON AUDIBLE!!! And, man, did I need a win today!! 😭🖤 My story, “Against Such Things” is the riveting true account of my battle with #trauma, #addiction, & #incarceration. This hard-hitting story of survival & redemption delivers a powerful message of hope and healing no matter the circumstance. YouContinue reading ““Against Such Things: A Memoir” Now Available on Audible!”

Audible Launch Coming Soon!

So, THIS just happened!! After MONTHS of blood, sweat, & tears, the Audiobook is finalized I’m beyond thrilled, & so grateful to my amazing voice actor @nancysawyermilnes for putting her whole heart & soul into creating the beautiful finished product Making my story of hope, healing, & recovery available to as many people as possibleContinue reading “Audible Launch Coming Soon!”


The year is 2000, & my solution for getting out of the dope game is to rob a convenience store. At gunpoint. So I can buy more dope, & leave town in the stolen car I’m rolling around in. I’m maybe 100lbs soaking wet, have missed my kids’ birthdays, cleaned out both my parent’s bankContinue reading “Yesterday/Today”

Kindle Countdown Deal

My book, Against Such Things: A Memoir of Trauma, Addiction, & Survival is on sale for only $2.99 this week. l was going to wait until some “Substance Abuse Awareness Month” or “Trauma Survivors Week” came around, but decided that wasn’t necessary. There are people suffering NOW, & I sure wouldn’t have made it outContinue reading “Kindle Countdown Deal”

New Podcast Dropped Today!

I had a chance to sit down Missing Mei from The Creative Sober and talk about my book, confronting #toxictheology, the creative process in sobriety, and what recovery looks like for me today.

Book Blog Tour Starts Today!

It’s Book Blog Tour week!! This week, my memoir “Against Such Things” is making the (virtual) rounds in the literary world! The tour includes book features, book reviews, & I’ll be visiting daily to answer questions on each post. First stop? A Book Spotlight with The Sexy Nerd ‘Revue’! January 26: Sadie’s Spotlight – BOOKContinue reading “Book Blog Tour Starts Today!”

Breaking Generational Curses

My sweet daughter made me this. My daughter, who along with her brothers, I once-upon-a-time gave up for my addiction. But, today? Today she is my biggest cheerleader and dearest friend. Do NOT believe the lie: WE F’N DO RECOVER 💓😭🙏 #againstsuchthings #wedorecover #thelieisdead #thehealisreal #nomatterwhat

Book Release at Last!!

After days and weeks and seeming centuries, the day has FINALLY come!! My memoir – my life story – the culmination of blood, sweat, and oceans of tears is HERE. In the flesh. (Well, in a tree’s version of flesh, anyway, ha) It’s here, and although I am currently feeling allll the emotions – IContinue reading “Book Release at Last!!”

Why I Wrote My Memoir

Against Such Things is a labor of love conceived after traversing the depths of insanity and despair and coming out somewhat-less-than-unscathed. The concept—the overarching message—being one of HOPE. Hope. Healing. Healing from complex trauma, from addiction, from incarceration. There IS a new way of life, and I am living proof. Long and longer I spentContinue reading “Why I Wrote My Memoir”