Never Alone, Never Again

Newest podcast interview available NOW! I recently had the chance to sit down with Brett from Recovery Survey, & discuss my recovery – both the good AND the bad – & talk a little about my book, “Against Such Things: A Memoir of Trauma, Addiction, & Survival.” “Against Such Things” is the riveting true accountContinue reading “Never Alone, Never Again”

First Podcast Goes Live!

The other day, I got the incredible opportunity to sit down with Sara of “Stay Alive Inc.” What an honor to be a guest on her podcast “I’m Alive Because”! We discussed my memoir, what recovery looks like for me today, and living authentically ❤️🙏 Listen to Podcast 🎧 Connect with Sara: @abrandforthebroken @saraswellnessway

A Rachel Story You May Not Know

Here’s a Rachel story you might not know: Once upon a time, I went to prison. (Well, twice upon a time, actually, but I digress…) Yes, me: Rachel. Your aunt, cousin, neighbor, co-worker, friend: Went. To. Prison. Are you waiting for the punchline? The part where I tell you, ‘Oh, it was to visit someone’Continue reading “A Rachel Story You May Not Know”

Remember, Remember

It’s been a long day, week, month of editing and I find myself sinking into anxiety and future tripping. Worrying, worrying, worrying what people will think: what YOU will think about all the bad, hard, shameful things I’ve said, I’ve done, I’ve been. And then I remember: I survived. Not only that, but I OVERCAME.Continue reading “Remember, Remember”

Why I Wrote My Memoir

Against Such Things is a labor of love conceived after traversing the depths of insanity and despair and coming out somewhat-less-than-unscathed. The concept—the overarching message—being one of HOPE. Hope. Healing. Healing from complex trauma, from addiction, from incarceration. There IS a new way of life, and I am living proof. Long and longer I spentContinue reading “Why I Wrote My Memoir”